How to format the bibliography page in Chicago Style – notes and bibliography (17th ed.)?

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According to the rules of Chicago Style – notes and bibliography (17th ed.), references in a bibliography should be given in alphabetical order.

There are a number of particularities to be taken into consideration:

  1. If multiple bibliographic references begin with the same author, the references where they are the sole author are given first. The other references are ranged alphabetically by last name of second, third, fourth, etc. author.
  2. If multiple sources have the same authors given in the same order, the authors are indicated only in the first reference; in all subsequent references, the authors element is replaced by three long dashes. This also applies to editors, translators, organisations, and other contributors appearing in place of authors in the reference. Such references are ordered by title.

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Pratchett, Terry. Mort. London: Corgi, 1988.

———. The Truth. New York: HarperCollins, 2007.

Pratchett, Terry, and Neil Gaiman. Good Omens. London: Corgi, 2015.

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