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The Harvard referencing style (also commonly known as the Harvard citation style) is one of the international citation styles most widely used in the academic environment to create bibliographic references and in-text citations. The Harvard style is based on the 'author-date' system and thus assumes that a source is to be identified in a paper by its author and date of publication given in parentheses.

Despite the widespread opinion, there is no official edition that would govern the standards of the Harvard style. In contrast to many other international citation styles such as APA, MLA, etc., no organisation is responsible for the development of the Harvard referencing style.

Therefore, 'Harvard' is just a conventional name of the traditional 'author-date' system that can have a great number of variations. The requirements regarding the use of punctuation, particular elements of references, and so on can be found in the guides of a particular university or scholarly journal requesting the use of the Harvard style.

Our website allows creating automatically both lists of references and in-text citations in accordance with the Harvard style. For unifying bibliographic references, Grafiati takes the recommendations of the Sheffield University as the basis of the Harvard referencing system: these recommendations consider and describe in detail the specifics of citing different types of sources and meet the present-day requirements of users. At the same time, we have analysed a great number of recommendations delivered by other universities and have taken them into consideration for creating uniform references and for presenting correctly all elements regardless of the language of your bibliography, while standardising the use of punctuation, capital letters, positions of elements for particular types of sources, etc.

In addition, our service also allows creating lists of references under other citation styles and standards such as APA, MLA, Chicago, ISO 690:2010, and others.

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