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About MLA Style

MLA is an international citation style developed by the US-based organisation Modern Language Association. The style provides recommendations on formatting the text of a publication (font, indents, etc.) and on referencing sources in a list of works cited.

Many international scientific journals and universities are using MLA Style as a recommended standard for referencing sources in scientific publications.

The website "Grafiati" allows generating references in conformity with the eighth – most recent – edition of the MLA Manual.

General rules of referencing

Citing sources in MLA is quite flexible: having memorised the basic format of a bibliographic reference, you can easily apply it to any type of source. The general order of elements in a bibliographic reference is the following:

  1. Author (individual or group).
  2. Publication title.
  3. Container title (title of the anthology, website, database, etc. where the work is published).
  4. Editors, translators, and other contributors.
  5. Version (edition number, etc.).
  6. Number (volume, issue, etc.).
  7. Publisher.
  8. Publication date.
  9. Location (particular range of pages, URL, etc.).

The number of elements can be either smaller or greater depending on the type of source.

How to compile bibliographies automatically in MLA (8th ed.)?

On the website "Grafiati", you can cite sources and create bibliographies automatically. To create a list of works cited online, add the sources you need by choosing their type from the appropriate list on the homepage or search for sources in the database. Then, select MLA (8th ed.) from the list of citation styles in the menu. Our program will convert your references into any style and will sort the works cited in just one click.

Do not spend time on studying the standards: we have already done it for you!

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