Online video: how to cite in APA (7th ed.)?

Create a spot-on reference in APA 7 and 6

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General rules

For creating a bibliographic reference to an online video in APA Style (7th ed.), use the following template:

Author. (Date). Video title [Video]. Website Title. URL

The above template can be used for the videos published on specialised services (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or on any other websites, as well as for various specific types of videos such as TED Talks, etc.

Nota bene:

  • In the ‘Author’ element, you should generally credit the channel that published the video on the online service, even if the video was created by another person.
  • In the ‘Date’ element, provide the date when the video was uploaded.
  • The title of the video should be followed by the source type description in square brackets: ‘[Video].’
  • In the ‘Website Title’ element, enter the name of the video service (YouTube, etc.) or another website where the video is available.

The online service Grafiati allows you creating automatically a reference to an online video published on YouTube or Vimeo without filling in any data manually: just paste the link to the video, and we will extract all the necessary data and generate a reference in accordance with the requirements of APA (7th ed.) or any other citation style.

Examples of references

MsMojo. (2017, February 10). Top 10 hilarious Friends bloopers [Video]. YouTube.

Cream Electric Art. (2015, June 1). Glass brain [Video]. Vimeo.

Other citation styles: