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General rules

In the general case, the manual of Vancouver Style requires using the following template for creating a bibliographic reference to an organisational report:

Author(s). Report title. City: Publisher; date of publication. Number of pages. Report No.: report number.


  • See this article for the specifics of giving the name of the publisher and the place of publication.
  • In the date of publication element, give the year and, optionally, the month when the report was published.
  • The Number of pages element is optional.
  • The report series and series number may also be given optionally in parentheses after the number of pages.
  • If there is no report number, omit this element from the reference.

For the principles of giving the names of individual and organisational authors in Vancouver Style, see this article.

For an organisational report available online, use the following reference template:

Author(s). Report title [Internet]. City: Publisher; date of publication [cited date cited]. Number of pages. Report No.: report number. Available from: URL

See also Citing Medicine – the manual of Vancouver Style – for more information on complex cases: when the sponsor and the author of a report are different legal entities, etc.

Examples in a list of references

Mitze T, Kosfeld R, Rode J, Wälde K. Face masks considerably reduce COVID-19 cases in Germany: a synthetic control method approach [Internet]. Bonn (Germany): IZA – Institute of Labor Economics; 2020 Jun [cited 2021 Jun 29]. 29 p. (IZA DP; no. 13319). Available from:

National Department of Health (ZA). Annual report 2018/2019 [Internet]. Pretoria (South Africa): National Department of Health; 2019 [cited 2021 Jun 29]. 193 p. Available from:

Other citation styles: