Podcast: how to cite in APA (7th ed.)?

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General rules

A podcast is an audiovisual type of media that should be cited accordingly in line with the rules of APA Style. Depending on whether you are citing an entire podcast or one of its episodes, the APA format requires including the following data in a podcast reference: podcast authors (hosts), date, podcast title, episode title and number, type of media, and URL.

How to cite in a bibliography

When citing an entire podcast, use the following template:

Host(s) (Host(s)). (Date). Podcast title [Podcast type]. Production Company. URL

When citing a podcast episode in APA Style (7th ed.), in contrast, use the template below:

Host(s) (Host(s)). (Date). Episode title (Episode number) [Episode type]. In Podcast title. Production Company. URL

Note the following:

  • The hosts (presenters) are usually included in the reference as podcast authors, with their role specified in parentheses. However, in case the podcast has no hosts, the executive producers can be given as the authors, with their role specified.
  • For an entire podcast, the date is usually represented by a timespan, e.g. “2020–present”.
  • Possible podcast types are “Audio podcast”, “Video podcast”, etc.
  • Possible episode types are “Audio podcast episode”, “Video podcast episode”, etc.
  • For a podcast accessed through a mobile app, omit the URL element from the reference.

Examples of references


Richardson, J. (Host). (2021–present). The Totally Football show [Audio podcast]. The Athletic. https://theathletic.com/podcast/200-the-totally-football-show/

Podcast episode

Reid, M. (Host). (2018, August 14). Writing good titles for your website (No. 37) [Audio podcast episode]. In RAZOR Wire podcast. RAZOR. https://razor.nz/podcasts/web-podcast-episode-37-writing-good-titles-for-your-website/

Other citation styles: