Patent: how to cite in Chicago Style – author-date (17th ed.)?

Create a spot-on reference in Chicago 17 and 16

Select a source type:

General rules

In accordance with the rules of Chicago Style – author-date (17th ed.), include the following elements in a reference to a patent: authors (inventors) of the patent, its title and number, country, and dates of application and publication of the patent. Order these elements in line with the template below:

Author. Year of publication. Patent Title. Country patent Patent number, filed Date filed and issued Date issued.

For online documents, add the URL address at which they are available at the end of the reference.

NB: In contrast to other source types, the titles of patents are written without italics and without the quotation marks in a bibliographic reference.

Example in a list of references

Cheng, Kangguo, Bruce B. Doris, Michael A. Guillorn, and Xin Miao. 2017. Nanosheet MOSFET with Full-Height Air-Gap Spacer. U.S. patent US9853132B2, filed 10 October 2016, and issued 26 December 2017.

Other citation styles: