Video game: how to cite in APA (7th ed.)?

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General rules

In accordance with the rules of APA Style (7th ed.), for the purposes of referencing, a video game should be treated as a piece of software. Therefore, a bibliographic reference to a video game (computer game) has the same structure as a software reference and contains the following details: authors, date of publication and title of video game, version and/or type of edition, type of material, and publisher.

How to cite in a bibliography

To reference a video game or computer game in APA Style (7th ed.), use the template below:

Author(s). (Year). Game title (Edition type or version) [Video game]. Publisher.

For the rules of giving authors’ names in APA Style, see this article.

NB: If the publisher and the author of the game are the same, omit the Publisher element from the reference.

Examples of references

GSC Game World. (2001). Cossacks: European wars [Video game].

Firaxis Games. (2016). Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (Digital deluxe edition) [Video game].

Other citation styles: