Website: how to cite in APA (7th ed.)?

Create a spot-on reference in APA 7 and 6

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Basic rules

Today, for writing dissertations, theses, and scientific articles, materials of websites published online are widely used. Such Internet pages can include materials of international organisations, data of statistical authorities, authors’ publications, and so on.

For citing a website in a list of references under the requirements of APA 7, indicate the following data in the bibliographic reference: data of the author(s), publication date, material title, website title, and URL address (link).

How to cite in a bibliography

Basic reference template:

Author(s). (Publication date). Material/page title. Website Title. URL

Note: if the author and the website title are the same, only the author’s data should be mentioned in the reference.

If the contents of the online material are regularly updated or are designed to be regularly updated (which can be the case of an online map, a social media profile, etc.), the date when the material was retrieved should be indicated as well. For this case, use the following template:

Author(s). (Publication date). Material/page title. Website Title. Retrieved date retreived from URL

See also this article to learn how to cite authors and a work without a credited author according to the rules of the APA Manual.

Examples of references

Boyland, P. (2020, August 4). How does Everton’s recruitment work? The Athletic.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2020, July 31). HHS details multiple COVID-19 testing statistics as national test volume surges.

Basic pancakes. (n.d.). Baking Mad.

University of Toronto. (n.d.). U of T news. Retrieved August 5, 2020, from

Other citation styles: