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General rules

According to the practice of using the Harvard referencing system, a webpage reference in a list of references should contain the following data: name(s) of the author(s) of the page or material, year when the Internet page was published, page title, and website title. Also, it is obligatory to indicate the date of access and the URL address of the material.

Reference template for an individual webpage:

Author(s), (year). Page title [online]. Website title. [Viewed date viewed]. Available from: URL

NB: The website (i.e. its commercial name) can also be indicated as the author of the material. In this case, the website title is indicated twice in the reference: in the author and website elements (see the examples below).

If you need to cite an entire website and not its individual page, use the following template:

Author(s), (year). Website title. [Viewed date viewed]. Available from: URL

For the principles of indicating authors' names in Harvard style references, see this article.

Examples in a list of references

Individual webpage

Mihaila, G., (2021). Bert inner workings [online]. Medium. [Viewed 12 January 2021]. Available from:️-bert-inner-workings-1c3054cd1591

Tesla, (©2021). Model Y [online]. Tesla. [Viewed 12 January 2021]. Available from:

Entire website

Sky Sports, (©2021). Sky Sports. [Viewed 12 January 2021]. Available from:

Other citation styles: