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A distinctive trait of Vancouver Style in terms of the organisation of a list of references in the use of the author-sequence (author-number) system assuming that references in a bibliography should appear in the chronological order of citations in the text of the work.

The list of references should be numbered.

Example of a list of references in Vancouver Style:

1. Porubčinová I, Hulman M, Jevčáková J. Libman-Sacks endocarditis versus infectious endocarditis. Cor et Vasa [Internet]. 2006 Jul 1 [cited 2021 Jun 29];48(7-8):281-4. Available from: doi: 10.33678/cor.2006.087

2. <…>

3. <…>

4. Appelbe AF, Olson D, Mixon R, Craver JM, Martin RP. Libman-Sacks endocarditis mimicking intracardiac tumor. Am J Cardiol [Internet]. 1991 Sep [cited 2021 Jun 29];68(8):817-8. Available from: doi: 10.1016/0002-9149(91)90666-9

5. <…>

The in-text citations can be represented schematically as follows (for more information, see the article on in-text citations in Vancouver Style):

Endocarditis is a heart disease <…> (1). The treatment of endocarditis involves the use of <…> (2), as well as <…> (3, 4), <…> (1), <…> (5).

As for the formatting of the bibliography page (margins, indents, intervals, fonts, etc.), the manual of Vancouver Style provides no specific recommendations. Therefore, in such cases, consult the recommendations of your university, journal, etc.

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