Online video: how to cite in Vancouver Style?

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General rules

The manual of Vancouver Style – Citing Medicine – considers an online video as a part of a website and offers the following template for a bibliographic reference to this type of source:

Website Title [Internet]. City where the website was created: Publisher; date of the website’s creation. Video title; video publication date [cited date cited]; [video duration]. Available from: URL


  • Put the source type description in square brackets ‘[Video]’ before the title of the video.
  • The video duration element is required.

However, the above approach has considerable disadvantages, which are described in detail in the article on how to reference websites in Vancouver Style. Taking into account these facts and the recommendations of multiple universities, the website Grafiati offers the following simplified template of bibliographic reference to an online video in Vancouver Style:

Author. Website Title [Internet]. [Video], Video title; video publication date [cited date cited]; [video duration]. Available from: URL

N.B. For a video from a specialised service, the name of the channel that published the video is most often credited as the author.

The web service Grafiati allows generating automatically references to online videos published on YouTube and Vimeo in Vancouver Style and in other citation styles. Choose the appropriate source type on our homepage, paste the URL of the video, and we will fill in the necessary data and create an accurate reference automatically.

Examples in a list of references

BMI Healthcare. YouTube [Internet]. [Video], The role of cryotherapy in the treatment of sporting injuries | Dr Colin Crosby; 2012 May 14 [cited 2021 Jun 30]; [4 min., 9 sec.]. Available from:

Cleveland Clinic. YouTube [Internet]. [Video], Aortic aneurysm: what is it and how is it treated?; 2019 Apr 29 [cited 2021 Jun 30]; [5 min., 36 sec.]. Available from:

Other citation styles: