Journal article: how to cite in Chicago Style – author-date (17th ed.)?

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General rules

Chicago Style – author-date (17th ed.) assumes that the following template should be used to reference an article published in a scholarly journal in a bibliography:

Author. Year. "Article Title." Journal Title volume (issue): pages. DOI / URL.

Some online journals do not have general pagination, i.e. each individual article's pagination starts anew, and the articles are assigned a special code, the so-called eLocator. For this type of articles, the template of reference is slightly different:

Author. Year. "Article Title." Journal Title volume (issue): eLocator. DOI / URL.

If a journal's title starts with the English grammatical article 'The', omit this element in the reference: The Lancet NeurologyLancet Neurology.

NB: If the volume or issue number is missing or if the journal features the month of publication stated in it, the punctuation used in the reference will be different. We advise using the online references generator Grafiati, as our algorithms take into account all the nuances of references described above and many more.

Grafiati is also connected to the large journal metadata database Crossref, thanks to which the users can search for scholarly articles and add appropriate references to their bibliographies in just one click.

Examples in a list of references

Esher, Louise. 2014. "Autonomous Morphology and Extramorphological Coherence." Morphology 24 (4): 325–50.

Booker, M. Keith. 1989. "The Rats of God: Pynchon, Joyce, Beckett, and the Carnivalization of Religion." Pynchon Notes, No. 24-25, 21–30.

Other citation styles: