Journal article: how to cite in Chicago Style – notes and bibliography (17th ed.)?

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General rules

In Chicago – notes and bibliography (17th ed.), the following templates should be used for citing articles published in scholarly journals:

Reference in a bibliography:

Author. "Article Title." Journal Title volume, no. issue (month year): pages. DOI / URL.

Full note:

Author, "Article Title ," Journal Title volume, no. issue (month year): number of the cited page, DOI / URL.

Short note:

Author, "Article Title," number of the cited page.

Please bear in mind that, in contrast to some other citation styles, The Chicago Manual of Style requires indicating a DOI as a full hyperlink and not in its pure alphanumeric form.

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If a journal's title starts with 'The', this element is omitted in the reference: The Geographical JournalGeographical Journal.

If you wish citing a magazine article in your list of references, we recommend using the form for adding newspaper article references, as they are quite similar under Chicago Style.

Examples of references in a bibliography

Esher, Louise. "Autonomous Morphology and Extramorphological Coherence." Morphology 24, no. 4 (2014): 325–50.

Booker, M. Keith. "The Rats of God: Pynchon, Joyce, Beckett, and the Carnivalization of Religion." Pynchon Notes, no. 24–25 (1989): 21–30.

Examples of notes

1. Louise Esher, "Autonomous Morphology and Extramorphological Coherence," Morphology 24, no. 4 (2014): 340,

2. M. Keith Booker, "The Rats of God: Pynchon, Joyce, Beckett, and the Carnivalization of Religion," Pynchon Notes, no. 24-25 (1989): 27,

3. Esher, "Autonomous Morphology," 341.

4. Booker, "Rats of God," 27.

Other citation styles: