Book chapter: how to cite in Harvard style?

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General rules

For referencing a chapter of an edited book in accordance with the requirements of the Harvard citation style, use the following template:

Author(s), (year). Chapter title. In: Editor(s), ed(s). Book title. Edition numberCityPublisher. p(p). page(s).

Note the following aspects:

  • Italicise the book title and not the chapter title in the bibliographic reference.
  • The names of editors are not inversed: the initials are placed before the last name (see in detail about how to indicate the names of authors in the Harvard citation style here).
  • The edition number is only given for editions except first.
  • A colon is put after the preposition 'In' that precedes the names of editors.
  • The abbreviation 'p. / pp.' before the range of pages is not capitalised.

For a book chapter accessed online, create a bibliographic reference with the following template:

Author(s), (year). Chapter title. In: Editor(s), ed(s). Book title [online]. Edition number. City: Publisher. p(p). page(s). [Viewed date viewed]. Available from: doi: DOI

For a document without a DOI that is available at a URL address, the corresponding element of the reference is modified as follows:

Available from: URL

See in detail about how to cite the DOI / URL addresses in Harvard here.

Examples in a list of references

Cushman, S. A., McRae, B., Adriaensen, F., Beier, P., Shirley, M. and Zeller, K., (2013). Biological corridors and connectivity. In: D. W. Macdonald and K. J. Willis, eds. Key topics in conservation biology 2. Oxford: John Wiley & Sons. pp. 384–404.

Zingg, D. W. and Gülder, Ö. L., (2018). Technology developments and renewable fuels for sustainable aviation. In: A. de Mestral, P. P. Fitzgerald and T. Ahmad, eds. Sustainable development, international aviation, and treaty implementation [online]. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 17–31. [Viewed 11 January 2021]. Available from: doi: 10.1017/9781316594216.002

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