Law/act: how to cite in IEEE Style?

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General rules

The IEEE Manual of Style provides a template for referencing only a legal act of the United States:

InstitutionCongress numberSession. (Date). Act number, Title.

However, the above template fails to cover the needs of any other countries. Therefore, just as with many other international citation styles, the educational institutions of different countries recommend to take into account the conventional rules of citing legal acts in every particular states, consider the materials contained in The Bluebook and in other specialised publications dealing with legal citations.

The web service Grafiati implements a uniform scheme taking into consideration the aforementioned recommendations, which allows identifying clearly the acts of different states when citing a law, a regulation, etc. in IEEE Style:

CountryInstitution that passed the act. (Date). Law type law numberLaw Title. Accessed: date. [Online]. Available: URL

You can also use the type of source ‘Complete reference’ on our homepage for citing a law/act according to a different schema.

Examples of references

Great Britain, Parliament. (2017, Apr. 27). Digital Economy Act 2017. Accessed: Jan. 13, 2021. [Online]. Available:

Chile, Ministerio del Interior, "Ley n.º 16595, Autoriza a la Municipalidad de Rio Negro para contratar el prestamo que señala," Diario Oficial, no. 26636, Jan. 7, 1967. Accessed: Feb. 23, 2023. [Online]. Available:

Other citation styles: