Book chapter: how to cite in MLA (8th ed.)?

Create a spot-on reference in MLA 8 and 9

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Basic rules

A separate work in a collection or anthology, a poem, a book chapter, etc.: all these different source types can be referenced in a bibliography using the sample template for a chapter in an edited book.

Here, the chapter title is put in quotation marks and the title of the book is italicised. You should also indicate the range of pages in the book where the cited part is located. The other referencing rules are the same as for a whole book.

How to cite in a bibliography

Reference template:

Author(s). "Chapter Title." Book Title, edited by Editor(s), Publisher, year of publication, pp. pages, URL. Accessed date of access.

See more about how to cite authors and other contributors in this article.

Examples of references in the list of works cited:

Sinclair, John. "Corpora for Lexicography." A Practical Guide to Lexicography, edited by Piet van Sterkenburg, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2003, pp. 167-78, Accessed 10 June 2020.

Shalev, Arieh Y. "Trauma and Psychiatry." Psychiatry: Past, Present, and Prospect, edited by Sidney Bloch et al., Oxford UP, 2014, pp. 278-97, Accessed 11 Aug. 2020.

Derozio, Henry L. "The Harp of India." Anthology Of Indian English Poetry, edited by R. P. Singh and S. K. Prasad, Orient Longman, 1989, p. 1.

Other citation styles: