Report: how to cite in APA (7th ed.)?

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General rules

The reports of national bodies and international organisations, corporations, groups of companies, etc. are often a valuable source of information for scientific papers: they may contain important statistical data, approved strategic directions, information on corporate policies, etc.

According to the rules of APA Manual of Style (7th ed.), a bibliographic reference to a corporate report should include the following elements: name of the author, title of the report, type and number of the report (if available), and name of the publisher. For a report accessed online, include also its DOI or URL.

Reference template:

Author(s). (Year). Report title (Report type and number). Publisher. DOI / URL


  • The field 'Report type and number' should be filled in when appropriate data is stated on the document (for example, 'No. 157/1', 'IZA Discussion Paper No. 4934', etc.
  • The author of a report can be either a company or an individual (see in more detail about how to give authors' names in references under APA Style in this article).
  • Whenever an organisation is at the same time the author and the publisher of a report, omit the 'Publisher' element from the reference.

For the principles of indicating DOI / URL addresses, see this article.

Examples in a list of references

National Aeronautics and Space Administration. (2020). Artemis III science definition team report (Report No. NASA/SP-20205009602).

Niemietz, K., & Wellings, R. (2016). Stuck in Brussels: Should transport policy be determined at EU level? (IEA Discussion Paper No. 71). The Institute of Economic Affairs.

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