Patent: how to cite in MLA (8th ed.)?

Create a spot-on reference in MLA 8 and 9

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Basic rules

To reference a patent in works cited, the following data are required: information on the assignees or inventors of the patent, patent title, registration number, institution that delivered the patent, and its publication date.

For a patent accessible online, its URL address and date of access should also be mentioned.

How to cite in a bibliography

Reference template:

Assignees / inventors. Patent Title. Patent No., Institution, date of publication, URL. Accessed date of access.

See also the rules of citing authors with MLA.

Examples of references in works cited:

Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson AB. Method and System for Flow Table Lookup Parallelization in a Software Defined Networking (SDN) System. EP2959647B1, European Patent Office, 26 July 2017, Accessed 12 Aug. 2020.

New Zealand Forest Research Institute. Method for Producing Wood Fibre Pellets. US10150227B2, United States Patent and Trademark Office, 23 Mar. 2017, Accessed 12 Aug. 2020.

Other citation styles: