Newspaper article: how to cite in Vancouver Style?

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General rules

To create the bibliographic reference to a newspaper article in Vancouver Style, use the following basic template:

Author(s). Article title. Newspaper Title. Date of publication;section number or title:page number (col. column number).


  • In contrast to the journal title, the newspaper title is not to be abbreviated. For more details on giving the titles of newspapers, see the manual of Vancouver Style – Citing Medicine.
  • If the information on the section number and title is missing, it is allowed to give the volume and issue numbers of the newspaper, in the same format as for a journal article (see the details here).
  • If you are citing a special edition of a newspaper (for example, a version published for a particular region), give the edition title in parentheses after the newspaper title.
  • In the page number element, in contrast to journal articles, give only the first page number instead of the full page range.

For a newspaper article available online, use the following template:

Author(s). Article title. Newspaper Title [Internet]. Date of publication [cited date cited];section number or title:page number (col. column number). Available from: URL

For the specifics of giving authors’ names in the Vancouver system, see this article.

Examples in a list of references

Bailey H. Wisconsin demonstrators rail against stay-at-home order. The Washington Post. 2020 Apr 27;The coronavirus pandemic:12 (col. 1).

Wilson M. Few unscathed by toll of virus across the city. The New York Times. 2020 Apr 3;169(58,652):1 (col. 1).

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