Conference paper: how to cite in MLA (8th ed.)?

Create a spot-on reference in MLA 8 and 9

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Basic rules

A reference to a paper published in conference proceedings in a list of works cited includes the following elements: name(s) of the author(s), title of the paper, title of the proceedings, data of the editor(s), publisher, year of publication, and pages used. The title of the proceedings can include information on location and date of the conference.

For a source available online, the link to the web resource (URL) and the date of access should also be given at the end of the reference.

If the conference proceedings had been published before the year 1900 or if the publisher’s location should be given due to the fact that it is not well-known or has offices in several cities, the city of publication is also indicated in the reference before the publisher’s name.

How to cite in a bibliography

Reference template:

Author of the Paper. "Paper Title." Proceedings Title, edited by Editor, Publisher, year, pp. pages, URL. Accessed date of access.

Examples of references in a list of works cited:

Dupper, Courtney M. "Analysis of Portable Infrared Technology for the Identification of Solid Drug Samples." Proceedings of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences 66th Annual Scientific Meeting, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, 2014, pp. 110-11.

Yong, Elaine. "Impact of Student-Instructor Relationships on Affective Learning and Test Anxiety Perceptions." Proceedings of the 2019 3rd International Conference on Education and Multimedia Technology, Association for Computing Machinery, 2019, pp. 160-64.

Weisshaupt, Mark, and Sabine Campana. "Playful Inclusion." EAPRIL 2014 Conference Proceedings, 2015, pp. 135-47, Accessed 11 Aug. 2020.

Other citation styles: