Standard: how to cite in Chicago Style – notes and bibliography (17th ed.)?

Create a spot-on reference in Chicago 17 and 16

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General rules

To reference a standard according to Chicago Style – notes and bibliography (17th ed.), the following data should be given: title of the organisation that developed the standard (if the organisation is also the publisher of the standard, its name is given twice in the reference), title of the standard, standard code and number, city, publisher, and year.

For a standard available online, the URL address should also be given. The date of access is added to the reference if the date of publication is unknown.

Template of reference in a bibliography:

Organisation. Title. Standard code and number. City: Publisher, year.

In notes, the title of the standard is put at the beginning in place of the organisation.

Full note:

Title, code and number (City: Publisher, year), number of the cited page.

Short note:

Title, number of the cited page.

Example of reference in a bibliography

CSA Group. Commercial Dishwashers. CSA/ANSI Z83.21-20/CSA C22.2 No. 168-2020. Toronto: Canadian Standards Association, 2020.

Examples of notes

1. Commercial Dishwashers, CSA/ANSI Z83.21-20/CSA C22.2 No. 168-2020 (Toronto: Canadian Standards Association, 2020), 17.

2. Commercial Dishwashers, 17.

Other citation styles: