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This article shows examples of references under the Harvard style in a list of references for each particular type of source available on the web service Grafiati. For a detailed overview of the rules of creating references for each particular source type in accordance with the Harvard referencing system, see these articles:

For in-text citations in the Harvard style, refer to this article.

How to create references according to the Harvard style automatically online

You can generate references for each type of source above in accordance with the Harvard system automatically by means of our service. Every citation style has a great number of specific traits and nuances: from the ordering of elements in references and punctuation to the sorting of the list of references. We take into consideration even the tiniest details and not only generate correct references for Harvard but also order your references in a bibliography with due account for all appropriate criteria and provide in-text citations.

Examples of references in a list of references according to the Harvard style


Book with one author

Woolf, V., (1994). A room of one's own. London: Flamingo.

Book with multiple authors

Marvin, R., Ng'ang'a, M. and Omondi, A., (2018). Python fundamentals: a practical guide for learning python, complete with real-world projects for you to explore. Birmingham: Packt Publishing.

Book without an author (with an editor, etc.)

Carter, C. and Steiner, L., eds., (2004). Critical readings: media and gender. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

Book available online

Bielefeldt, H., Frewer, A., Klotz, S. and Schmidhuber, M., eds., (2018). Healthcare as a human rights issue: normative profile, conflicts and implementation [online]. Bielefeld: transcript-Verlag. [Viewed 11 January 2021]. Available from: https://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctv1fxf7w

Volume (part of a multivolume edition)

Dixon, R. M. W., (2012). Basic linguistic theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Vol. 3 Further grammatical topics.

Chapter in an edited book

Cushman, S. A., McRae, B., Adriaensen, F., Beier, P., Shirley, M. and Zeller, K., (2013). Biological corridors and connectivity. In: D. W. Macdonald and K. J. Willis, eds. Key topics in conservation biology 2. Oxford: John Wiley & Sons. pp. 384–404.

Article (publication) in a periodical

Journal article

McCollum, A. G., Baković, E., Mai, A. and Meinhardt, E., (2020). Unbounded circumambient patterns in segmental phonology. Phonology [online]. 37(2), 215–255. [Viewed 14 January 2021]. Available from: doi: 10.1017/s095267572000010x

See in more detail about how to reference articles with a great number of authors in this article.

For the principles of indicating the DOI and URL addresses under the Harvard style, refer to this article.

Newspaper article

Wilson, M., (2020). Few unscathed by toll of virus across the city. The New York Times. 3 April. pp. A1, A6.

Website (webpage)

Zoological Society of London, (2020). Covid-19: lack of research capacity risks future pandemics [online]. Zoological Society of London (ZSL). [Viewed 14 January 2021]. Available from: https://www.zsl.org/science/news/covid-19-lack-of-research-capacity-risks-future-pandemics

Dissertation, thesis

Finley, L. C., (2020). The role of strategic governance in reducing infant mortality under crisis conditions. Ph.D. dissertation, Portland State University. [Viewed 14 January 2021]. Available from: https://pqdtopen.proquest.com/doc/2428569273.html?FMT=AI

For more details about how to reference online and print dissertations under Harvard, see this article.

Conference materials

Conference paper

Bondielli, A., Passaro, L. C. and Lenci, A., (2017). Emo2Val: inferring valence scores from fine-grained emotion values. In: R. Basili, M. Nissim and G. Satta, eds. Proceedings of the Fourth Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2017, 11–12 December 2017, Rome, Italy [online]. Torino: Accademia University Press. pp. 48–52. [Viewed 12 January 2021]. Available from: doi: 10.4000/books.aaccademia.2314

Law, act

Great Britain. Parliament, (2018). Data Protection Act 2018 [online], 25 March 2018. [Viewed 13 January 2021]. Available from: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2018/12/contents/enacted


Chandra, A., Mani, S., Dolphin, H., Dyson, M. and Marah, Y., (2021). Experimental evidence from an integrated early childhood parenting program in Sierra Leone IZA DP No. 14054 [online]. Bonn: IZA – Institute of Labor Economics. [Viewed 19 January 2021]. Available from: https://www.iza.org/publications/dp/14054/experimental-evidence-from-an-integrated-early-childhood-parenting-program-in-sierra-leone

For the nuances of referencing a corporate report in accordance with the requirements of the Harvard style, see this article.


Lopez, A. F. and Muñoz, R., (2021). On the classification of non-big Ulrich vector bundles on surfaces and threefolds [online]. [Preprint]. [Viewed 13 January 2021]. Available from: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2101.04207.pdf


Olson, K. D., (2020). Scissors gate valve and system water management system [online]. Inventor: Keith D. Olson. 15 December. Appl: 18 February 2020. United States Patent US10865536B1. [Viewed 13 January 2021]. Available from: https://patents.google.com/patent/US10865536B1/


ASTM, (2019). Standard specification for air-entraining additions for use in the manufacture of air-entraining hydraulic cement ASTM C226 - 19 [online]. West Conshohocken, PA: ASTM International. [Viewed 13 January 2021]. Available from: doi: 10.1520/C0226-19

Archival document

Speer, D. N., (1861). [Letter to Aurelia Roberta Moreland Speer]. Daniel N. Speer papers, mssDNS 1-110, box 1, DNS 43. San Marino, CA: The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens Manuscripts Department.

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