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General rules

A standard is a normative document establishing certain rules, regulations, or instructions for a particular sector. The introduction of such normative documents allows standardising the production processes and achieving higher effectiveness of the ongoing procedures. On the international scale, ISO standards are the most widely used ones.

To reference a standard in a list of references according to the Harvard citation style, use the following template:

Author(s), (year). Title Standard code and number. City: Publisher.

Learn about how to reference corporate authors in the Harvard referencing system from this article.

For a standard available online, use the template below:

Author(s), (year). Title Standard code and number [online]. City: Publisher. [Viewed date viewed]. Available from: URL

NB: Often, the same organisation can be at once the author and the publisher of a standard. If this is the case, indicate the organisation's name twice in the appropriate reference fields.

Examples in a list of references

British Standards Institution, (2005). Food safety management systems — Requirements for any organization in the food chain BS EN ISO 22000:2005. London: British Standards Publications.

ASTM, (2014). Disulfide sulfur in light petroleum distillates and LPG UOP202 - 14. West Conshohocken, PA: ASTM International.

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